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Pentewan Valley Parish Council

Tregorrick Road

At a meeting of the Parish Council held on 17 October, the Parish Council resolved to ask Cornwall Council to create a 20MPH speed limit on two sections of Tregorrick Road, with speed cushions and priority build outs and to investigate the possibility of continuing the line of street lighting near the rugby club.  They have asked for a costed design to be commissioned from Cormac but stressed the need for a full consultation process.

19 October 2018


9 October 2018

The working party met again on 4 October.  Since the last meeting the Highways Manager has evaluated the suggestions for improvements made at the previous meeting and presented her findings.  The group have put forward their recommendation to the Parish Council which will be discussed on 17 October.  The recommendation is that 2 parts of Tregorrick Road would have a 20 MPH speed limit with priority build outs and speed cushions.  Street lighting at the Porthpean Road end would be reviewed and priorities at the Roseweek crossroads would be changed, with priority given in the  Sawles Road/Roseweek direction.

The Parish Council meeting is at 7.00pm in Pentewan Village Hall - members of the public are very welcome to attend and there will be an opportunity for public participation, so if you have any comments, please do come along.


For many years residents of Tregorrick have expressed concern about the volume and speed of traffic using Tregorrick Road.  Since its inception in 2009 the Parish Council has been lobbying Cornwall Council to do something to make the road safer for all users.  Earlier this year Cormac proposed an access only scheme for the road, but this was abandoned.

To take matters forward, a working party consisting of residents and stakeholders has been formed. The focus of the working party is to propose a scheme that reduces significantly the risk to users of the shared space of Tregorrick Road.

The group’s first meeting was held on 30 August.  At the meeting speed data collected by Cormac in July was discussed.  The Highways Manager will analyse the data and report her findings at the next meeting.  It was noted that currently sat navs direct vehicles into Tregorrick village.  The rugby club has asked Royal Mail to change their postcode but this is proving very expensive.  The rugby club is to ask Steve Double MP for his assistance.

The next meeting is on 4 October.


If you have any comments or suggestions please email the Parish Clerk, Julie Larter (julielarter.parishclerk@hotmail.co.uk)