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Pentewan Valley Parish Council

Annual Report

During the past year we have dealt with 25 Planning Applications.  Quite a number considering the size of our parish. 

The Traffic Regulation Order for part of the back road to Pentewan is in place together with appropriate signage.  A TRO as part of traffic calming measures for Tregorrick is being progressed and should be in place by mid-summer.

Pentewan Councillors carried out a village survey during the year and have now set up a working party to progress action points.  The Pentewan Emergency Store is in place and has been stocked with equipment. 

Last April saw the first parish litter pick.  This was very successful with a large amount of litter collected. Councillors have been involved with targeted picks throughout the year.  Thanks to all involved. Mike and James have organised another pick in May which we hope will be as good as last year.

Regular meetings with South West Water continue to be held in an effort to reduce odours from Menagwins.  Members feel that progress has been made.  Once again thanks to all involved.

Input has been made to the Boundary Commission regarding the Government initiated Boundary Review.  Results are awaited.

Action for the next 12 months

Devolution of the Pentewan Village car park.

Completion of the Parish Emergency Plan.

Continue investigating matters concerning The Shrubbery.

Investigating possible funding from Coastal Revival Fund and using this to help prevent coastal flooding in the village.

A working party comprising Pentewan councillors and residents will investigate options and report back to the Parish Council.

Councillor Mahoney resigned during the year.  Tonight we will hopefully co-opt John Sundercombe onto the council.  Whilst we have stabilised numbers we are still short of our total.

Finally a big thank you to all the Councillors who have given their time freely during the year, to Julie our Parish Clerk, and James our County Councillor.  You have all helped to make the parish of Pentewan Valley a better place to live, work and play.

Cllr Derek Yeo
April 2018