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Pentewan Valley Parish Council

Pentewan Car Park

Update 12 May 2019

Construction work in the car park is now complete and the council has arranged for parking bays to be marked out on the tarmaced side of the car park on Wednesday 15 May.  All vehicles must be removed from that section of the car park on the evening of Tuesday 14 May.  As soon as the lining is complete, cars can be returned.  The left hand side of the car park will remain open for use throughout.  We thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

As yet we are not certain when the payment machine will be installed - once we have a date we will start issuing permits in readiness for the Parking Order to be implemented.


Update 8 April 2019
The parish council is grateful to those of you who responded to the consultation on the Off-Street Parking Places Order. Responses have all been considered and the Order has been signed. Work is now well underway in the car park - hopefully the first phase will be completed next week.  Thank you for your patience.

The application form for residents permits and business tickets will be on the website in the next few days and it is anticipated that the car park will be fully operational on a pay and display basis by the middle of May.

The draft Pentewan Valley Parish Council (Offstreet Parking Places) Order 2019 may be viewed here

Draft Order Pentewan-Valley-Parish-Council-(Offstreet-Parking-Places)-Order-2019-Draft.pdf 428.4 KB

Pentewan Valley Parish Council

West End Car Park, Pentewan

Notice is hereby given that the Pentewan Valley Parish Council proposes to make an Order pursuant to the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 and all other enabling powers to be known as the Pentewan Valley Parish Council (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2019.

This Notice is intended to provide an indication of the order’s provisions, as outlined below.  A copy of the draft Order, may be viewed at  www.pentewanvalleypc.uk or by application to the parish clerk pentewancpconsult@gmail.com.

The Cornwall Council (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2018 will be revoked on 31st March 2019.  From 1st April 2019 The Pentewan Valley Parish Council (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2019 will provide the operation hours and tariffs in the car park known as West End Car Park, Pentewan as detailed below.

Charging Schedule

Summer Charging Period (1 April to 31 October)

For the period between 1000 and 1900

Up to 1 hour                      50p

Up to 2 hours                     £1.50

Up to 3 hours                     £2.00

Up to 4 hours                     £3.00

24 hours                            £5.00

For the period 1900 – 1000 £1.00

Winter charging period (1 November – 31 March)

Applicable 24 hours per day

Up to 3 hours                     50p

24 hours                            £1.00

Residents and Business Permits


Annual pass for 1st car               £50

Annual pass for additional cars £100


£1.00 per day to park for any period between 1000 and 1900

The Order, which may be cited as “The Pentewan Valley Parish Council (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2019” may be inspected at www.pentewanvalleypc.uk or by application to the parish clerk.

Representations to the proposed Order must be in writing and received by 8 March 2019 addressed to; The Parish Clerk, Trethella Cottage, Ruan Lanihorne, Truro TR2 5NU

Mrs Julie Larter, Parish Clerk, Pentewan Valley Parish Council

Email: pentewancpconsult@gmail.com

Date 25 January 2019

Please note that you must include your name and address on all representations.  For details of how we will use your data please see the Privacy Notice tab.

You can also respond by completing the on-line questionnaire:  https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/CTNH67K


Pentewan Car Park Update

The council is progressing work to secure the future arrangements for the public car park in Pentewan village.  Good progress is being made with the landowners to secure the necessary transfer of the land to Parish Council management.

Pentewan Sands Limited have agreed to allow the extension of the car park area. Planning consent will be required to allow this to happen.  If successful this will increase the number of parking spaces.

In order to operate the car park the Parish Council will need to obtain an off street parking place order (PPO). The process of securing an order requires a six week period of consultation during which the public are able to comment on the proposals.  The proposed schedule of charges needs to be published as part of this.  At the Parish Council meeting on 19th December 2018 the Council agreed to consult on the following charges. We anticipate the consultation period will start in January.

Summer charging period (1 April to 31 October)

For the period between 1000 and 1900

Up to 1 hour 50p

Up to 2 hours £1.50

Up to 3 hours £2.00

Up to 4 hours £3.00

24 hours £5.00

For the period 1900 to 1000


Winter charging period (1 November to 31 March)

Up to 3 hours 50p

24 hours £1.00

Residents and Business concessionary parking

Limited to bona fide residents of properties and owners/staff of businesses within Pentewan village.

Annual pass for 1st car £50

Annual pass for additional cars £100

Admin charge for change or replacement of vehicle pass £10

Pass does not give a guarantee of a parking space being available.

Business tickets for bona fide staff.

£1.00 to park for any period between 1000 and 1900.

During the public session of this meeting the following questions were raised.

Question     Is anything going to be done to prevent mobile homes using the car park, can a height restriction bar be put across the entrance?

Answer       The PPO will include regulations preventing overnight camping and similar activities. In respect of the bar, the council have explored this option but were advised it would not be permitted as the car park is within the Pentewan Conservation Area

Question     I am concerned at the proposed level of parking charges for staff that are often on low wages. This will have a significant financial effect.

Answer       The council considered this in the debate on proposed charges reducing the day rate to £1 and allowing businesses to purchase annual passes at the same rate as residents.

Question     Are there any restrictions on the numbers of permits a resident can buy, and are there any allowance for visitors/guests?

Answer       There are no restriction on the number of permits. In respect of visitors or guests we have proposed charges that are as reasonable as possible but are not proposing a voucher scheme.

Question     Why are we having charges when the car park could be paid for by a modest council tax increase?

Answer       All households and affected businesses in the Parish were consulted earlier in the year and asked this question. The result of the process guided the council towards a pay and display method of financing the car park.

Question     How will parking be enforced in the car park?

Answer       The Council will have a contractual arrangement with Cornwall Council.  Civil Enforcement officers will visit and enforce car parking regulations.

Question     What is being done about enforcing parking in the rest of the village?

Answer       This is outside of the Parish Council’s control, however we passed on complaints received this year and Cornwall Council has undertaken to ensure the village is included in the patrols of the Civil Enforcement Officers.

Question     Are you going to be charging for parking in the Square?

Answer       The Parish Council has no authority to do this. The result of the survey earlier in the year indicated people did not want arrangements to change. The Parish Council will therefore not be asking Cornwall Council to make any changes in the Square at this time.

20 December 2018


The transfer of the the car park to the Parish Council is progressing well and should be finalised by the end of March 2019.  Councillors will be setting the scale of charges when it meets on 19 December - the meeting is open to the public so if you have any comments to make, please come along.  The meeting will be held in the Committee Room, St Austell One Stop Shop, Penwinnick Road and commences at 7.00pm.


Cornwall Council is in the process of disposing of all the car parks that it owns that are currently free to use and the Parish Council has been asked whether it would like to take over the car park in Pentewan.  For the past few months a working party has been exploring what would be involved, in particular the costs.  The Parish Council is grateful to our MP Steve Double for organising a questionnaire that was sent to all addresses on the voters’ register in the parish and the results of the survey together with work from the working party led to a recommendation to the Parish Council. 

At a meeting held on 19 September 2018 the Parish Council voted to take over the car park from Cornwall Council with effect from 31 March 2019.  The intention is to operate the car park on a pay and display basis, although arrangements will be made for a limited number of residents and businesses in the village to purchase season tickets.

Part of the car park is owned by Pentewan Sands Ltd who currently lease it to Cornwall Council.  The Parish Council is currently in negotiation with Pentewan Sands Ltd to enter into lease in a similar fashion. The Parish Council is also negotiating with Cornwall Council to secure the transfer by 31 March 2019. 

The working party will continue to meet on a regular basis and will formulate how the car park will operate and devise a charging structure.

2 October 2018


Q Why can’t the car park remain free?

A We estimate the car park will cost at least £5,000 per year to operate.  This is made up on rent to Pentewan Sands Ltd, business rates, maintenance and insurance.


Q Is there going to be a public meeting in Pentewan regarding parking?

A We do not plan to do this.  We have and we will continue to communicate progress to you via the website and other means.  We have given all residents the opportunity for a say via the recent survey.  All Parish Council meetings are open to the public and there is an opportunity for public questions or comment during the meeting.  Dates of these meetings are on the website.


Q What is happening about the Square in Pentewan?

A Following the results of the survey the Parish Council will not be asking Cornwall Council to make any changes to current parking arrangements