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Budget & Precept 2023/24

By Anne Cruickshank Pentewan Valley Parish Council

Tuesday, 31 January 2023


Pentewan Valley Parish Council Contributor


Pentewan Valley Parish Council Precept 2023/24

The precept is the council tax that Cornwall Council collects on behalf of the parish council. The precept is calculated as part of the parish council’s budget; it fills the gap between the parish council’s planned expenditure and its estimated income. Parish councils do not receive any direct funding from central government and so the precept is a hugely important part of a parish council’s income.

Pentewan Valley parish council met on 20 December 2022 to set the parish council’s budget for 2023/24 and agreed to request a precept of £9707. Based on the 2023/24 provisional tax base information, as of 1st April 2023, this amount for a Band D property in the parish will remain the same at £30.46 for the year.

Pentewan Valley Parish Council has endeavoured to maintain a realistic budget in extremely difficult financial times, whilst providing the same level of services and ensuring best value for money on behalf of the residents.

Those services include management of public toilets and the car park at Pentewan, maintenance of the free car park at Menagwins for the Pentewan Cycle Trail, footpath maintenance throughout the parish and along a section of the SW coastal path, highway verge maintenance along the A390, along the south side of Trevanion Road and Southbourne Road, weed spraying, street furniture maintenance including bus stops supplying some rock salt bins and litter bins as well as supporting local organisations with grant funding.

The parish council has been working with other agencies to provide flood defences at Pentewan, and is discussing possible further devolution of assets from Cornwall Council to provide even more services for local people.

Councillor Michael Ward, Chairman of the parish council said “After reducing our tax precept significantly last year I was pleased the parish council could keep it at the same rate despite inflation running at over ten percent. We feel it is important to maintain services while setting the lowest possible taxes.”

Further information on the budget and the precept can be found on the Councils website at or by contacting the clerk on 01726 823978 or by email at mailto:[email protected]

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