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Tree Warden

The appointed Tree Warden for the Pentewan Valley Parish Council is Francis Browne. Francis is not a member of Parish Council but works closely with us. His remit is to act as a ‘friend of the parish’s trees’ and to encourage the planting, protection and promotion of local trees and hedges.

Tree Wardens  access training days, support and advice offered through the Tree Council and have access to the latest expert guidance, on topics from ash dieback to new alternatives to plastic tree guards.

Trees not only enhance our landscape and improve the quality of our environment but also support wildlife and biodiversity. Trees can moderate our local climate. They can strengthen communities, be beneficial to the local economy and make a positive contribution to people's health.

Cornwall is one of the least wooded counties in the country so every tree is special.

If you would like to talk to someone about tree care, the Tree Warden is often willing to make visits, but purely in an advisory role. Tree Wardens also get involved in local projects, such as arranging local tree planting days, rejuvenating local woodlands in need of management, or raising funds for local tree planting projects.

If you would like some advice about trees or more information about the Tree Warden Scheme you can email Francis at http://[email protected]